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My new ICOM IC-7300 transceiver has been loads of fun, but the scope was not displaying the frequency correctly for signals I was copying. I was listening to a local AM signal on 570 kHz and had to offset the frequency display by 1 or 2 kHz to have it sound intelligible. Also, the CW signals […]

The Icom IC-7300 has a very nice built-in iambic keyer that can be used with a single lever or dual lever (iambic) paddle. While this is a good feature, many “brass pounders” like to use their own external keyer, bug or straight key. Some larger and more expensive radios have separate paddle and key jacks. […]

The long-anticipated ICOM IC-7300 finally made its debut! The IC-7300 has been discussed around the mill for several months, and ICOM released a video in December of a functioning model in Japan. Like all transceivers, the IC-7300 had to wait for FCC type acceptance in the United States. But that came last week, and ICOM officially announced the IC-7300 […]