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With all the attention paid to radios and antennas, overall audio quality is often an overlooked (yet vitally important) aspect of Amateur Radio. bhi audio products harness cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) technology to enhance the audio quality of incoming radio signals. By removing the noise, the improved audio makes it much easier to discern distant […]

Yup, the sunspot cycle is at a low. That means that for some bands, the term “DX” will not have the same meaning as before. Basically, the bands from 15 through 6 meters are dead as far as skip and DX go. When band conditions drop, weak signal work becomes more important than ever. You […]

Dipole and broadband antenna efficiency is a constant debate. Efficiency most commonly is watts in, watts out. It’s well known that to radiate well, horizontal antennas should be at least a quarter-wave above the ground, at minimum, to reduce ground losses. With this in mind a 40 meter monoband dipole antenna needs to be at […]

Below is a guest post written by Hal Turley, W8HC, of the 3Y0Z DXpedition team. Turley and other members of the Bouvet DXpedition team visited DX Engineering’s headquarters last week to review some of the challenges the remote Bouvet island might present. One of the many challenges facing the 3YØZ team will be in erecting and […]

There is a small bit of homework required to establish the turning radius of an antenna. You have to figure out the hypotenuse of a right triangle. For this exercise we are using the following definitions for the formula: R = Turning Radius B = Boom length from center of the mast L = Longest […]

DX Engineering receives many questions from new (or new to HF) amateurs, and one of the most common is: “What kind of antenna should I use as my first HF antenna?” Many people recommend a G5RV (which is very popular around the world), a horizontal loop, or some other multi-band “magic” antenna, along with tiny […]

Parts and tools used: DXE-6UQ-CTL – Quad Shield 75 ohm Coaxial Cable CNL-911 – Channellock Cable Cutting Pliers DXE-CPT-659 – Coax Cable Stripper DXE-SNS1P6QS-10 – Watertight Snap-N-Seal® Coaxial Connectors (10 per package) DXE-SNS-CT1 – Compression Tool for Snap-N-Seal® connectors Xacto style knife A. Cut the DXE-6UQ-CTL F6 size Quad Shield cable square to the end. […]