The ICOM IC-7610: What the Experts and Operators Are Saying


The customers and experts have spoken! The ICOM-7610 HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver, featuring advanced dynamic range performance, true dual receivers and a host of other
next-level benefits, has been well worth the wait.

From the Experts’ Perspective

In his User Evaluation and Test Report, Icom maven Adam Farson, AB4OJ/VA7OJ, analyzed the unit’s physical feel, architecture, touch-screen, receiver front-end management, filters, noise reduction, noise blanker, AGC system, menus, metering, CW, RTTY decoder and memory keyer, VFO/memory management, on-air experience and more.

He concluded: “Although the IC-7610 is in a higher price category than the IC-7300, I nonetheless feel that the 7610 provides excellent value and capability for its price.” Read the entire report here.

In an interview on Ham Talk, Rob Sherwood of Sherwood Engineering, NC0B, offered ample praise for both the IC-7300 and IC-7610. The Ham Radio guru and highly respected gear-tester lauded many features of the IC-7610, including its dual receivers for working split and the unit’s solid TR switching and audio peak filter—major upgrades for serious CW operators. Listen to the entire interview here. To see the numbers crunched, check out Sherwood’s technical breakdown of the IC-7610.

From the Customers’ Perspective

Here’s a sampling of comments from buyers in the review section at A total of 17 out of 18 commenters have awarded the rig five stars.

  • “The flexibility of this new technology is just amazing. When you purchased a radio in the past what you got was locked in. With the new technology the manufacturers can easily add changes and updates that can be downloaded to the radio to both correct and add new features. The IC 7610 is just a pleasure to operate and I can’t say enough about DX Engineering and their staff.”
  • “By far the best receiver I have ever owned or listened to on SSB or CW. The Digi Select and APF in CW will pull the weak ones out of the hash on the low bands.”
  • “Worked 15 Euros the past two nights on 160 CW. Can’t work ‘em if you can’t hear ‘em, and the 7610 sure hears ’em. Kudos to Icom for the great RCVR.”
  • “Replacing my 8 year old IC-7600 and [the IC-7610] is a significant upgrade. Last night on 160m I had an S-6 background noise level on the qtr wave INV-L. Switched to my SAL-30 rx antenna and noise fell to an amazing S-0….yes, ZERO, while working SM5EDX 599 both ways.”
  • “I am extremely impressed so far with the 7610. It combines the best of the 7300, 7600 and 7800. That is the best brief summary I can give at this point of my ownership. The screen size and resolution are excellent without using an external monitor and my eyes aren’t young. The 7610 is exceptional (I don’t use that term lightly) for identifying on the scope, digging out and peaking weak CW signals, and that is a huge plus given we are descending quickly toward the bottom of Cycle 24.”
  • “It has been flawless in its operation after being used or “on” about ten hours a day … all modes but mostly CW and Digital. It is hands down the most enjoyable CW rig I have used since I parted with my Ten-Tec Corsair.”
  • “The 7610 is a 7300 on steroids.”
  • “Been 18 years with my IC-756Pro. Glad I upgraded. Radio is easy to use. RX and TX reports have been outstanding.”
  • “This is an amazing transceiver. The rig is easy to use and the noise reduction is great.
  • My 7610 replaces my 7600 and has been in operation for ten days. So far it has met or exceeded my overall expectations.”
  • “Love the low noise level and the noise reduction system.”
  • “The performance of the IC-7610 compares favorably with that of the IC-7851. It’s equal in sensitivity and in some cases handles noise better than the IC-7851 does.”
  • “I have been accused of being an Icom “fan-boy” because I have many. I was totally amazed by my 7300 and the 7610 is even better. Just an amazing radio.”
  • “I enjoy the ability to do PSK31 or RTTY without having to tote my laptop everywhere I go. My IC-7300 was a treat to use but now comes along the IC-7610, this thing has ears! I’m hearing things I could only imagine before.”

Read more about the IC-7610 at


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