Ready for Bouvet Island 3Y0Z? Know the Basics: What is Pilot Station?


While there will be thousands of experienced Hams worldwide who will be attempting to make contact with Bouvet Island 3Y0Z, they will undoubtedly be joined in the pileups by scores of first-time DXers. As a service to those who are new to this exciting part of Amateur Radio, DX Engineering is posting a series of articles you can use to get started on the right foot.

What is a “Pilot” station and how can it help me?

Pilot stations are members of the DXpedition who operate from populated areas and are in regular contact with the DXpedition. Their job is to report on how things are going from their location and act as liaisons between the DXpedition and Hams in their region. For the Bouvet Island DXpedition, there will North American and European pilots, a Japanese pilot, and even a special pilot for younger Hams, Bryant KG5HVO. Listen to the pilots! They will give feedback from the DXpedition, such as changes in schedules or conditions and requests to follow certain instructions. Use their firsthand knowledge to make a successful contact.

Learn more about the Bouvet Island 3Y0Z’s “Off Island” team of pilots here.


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