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With all the attention paid to radios and antennas, overall audio quality is often an overlooked (yet vitally important) aspect of Amateur Radio.

bhi audio products harness cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) technology to enhance the audio quality of incoming radio signals. By removing the noise, the improved audio makes it much easier to discern distant and weak contacts.

bhi makes three types of Noise Cancellation Products, as we’ll detail below.

bhi audio DSP Speakers and Units DESKTOP

bhi DESKTOP 10-Watt DSP Noise Cancelling Base Station Speaker

The bhi DSPKR and DESKTOP are amplified DSP noise cancelling speakers. These all-in-one packages combine a speaker, 10 watt amplifier, and bhi’s DSP technology to create plug-in-play solutions. Both speakers have manual controls to allow the operator to tailor the sound quality to their liking. The DSPKR is ideal in mobile and portable rigs, while the DESKTOP works perfectly at home in a base station.

For Amateur Radio operators who already have a high-quality external speaker, bhi offers its In-Line DSP units. These standalone boxes install in the audio chain between the radio and the speaker, enhancing the audio from the transceiver before it’s sent to the speaker. The units are housed in attractive, compact cases, and boast intuitive front panel controls for fine-tuning the audio quality. DSP units with dual inputs/outputs are available for radios with stereo capability.

Many popular radio models can also be upgraded with bhi’s DSP PCB modules. The modules install directly into the radio’s audio circuit, and tuck discreetly into the chassis. bhi PCB modules require soldering and installation, which should be performed by a technician who is comfortable working around precision telecommunications equipment.

A wide range of bhi audio accessories like switches, power supplies and extension speakers are available to complement its Noise Cancellation Products.

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