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Dipole and broadband antenna efficiency is a constant debate. Efficiency most commonly is watts in, watts out. It’s well known that to radiate well, horizontal antennas should be at least a quarter-wave above the ground, at minimum, to reduce ground losses. With this in mind a 40 meter monoband dipole antenna needs to be at […]

Below is a guest post written by Hal Turley, W8HC, of the 3Y0Z DXpedition team. Turley and other members of the Bouvet DXpedition team visited DX Engineering’s headquarters last week to review some of the challenges the remote Bouvet island might present. One of the many challenges facing the 3YØZ team will be in erecting and […]

Do I need an antenna analyzer? If I do, how do I choose which one to get? This is a question many new (and experienced) amateurs face today. There are many styles and types of antenna analyzers available, and it’s not easy to sort them all out, even for experienced Hams. Antenna Analyzers have been […]

Much of the newer ham radio receiving gear uses F-Connectors. Most everyone is familiar with this type of connector. You find them on the back of your TV set, your PC’s Router, cable modem, DVD recorder and more. One thing in common with using the F-Connector in these applications is the frustration of trying to […]