Do you want a really hi-fi mobile installation?


Do you want a really hi-fo mobile installation? There are other speaker options available, depending on your preference and budget. We’ll take a look at those below.

Speaker Microphone

Icom Speaker Mic

Many VHF and UHF mobile operators use a “handie-talkie” type radio connected to a normal mobile antenna in their vehicles. One of the most common accessories purchased with this type of radio is a “speaker mic.”

While a speaker mic helps, it may be even more helpful to use the external speaker connection that is on the speaker mic you have now as shown on the Icom speaker mic to the right.

External Speaker

bhiThe idea would be to plug in and use an external speaker – even a powered one!

You have many external speaker options. This one from bhi is really nice and includes extremely effective noise reduction and a powerful audio amplifier.

Options for a smaller budget

If you have a smaller budget, there are other options.

west-mountainThe West Mountain Radio PWRspkr 15W Amplified Speaker is also really nice, and costs a lot less than the bhi unit, but has no noise reduction. Both speakers would be powered from your vehicle battery.

There are a few options you might consider to improve your mobile system. If you’d like more info or other suggestions, contact DX Engineering online or by phone at 800-777-0703.


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