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DX Engineering receives many questions from new (or new to HF) amateurs, and one of the most common is: “What kind of antenna should I use as my first HF antenna?” Many people recommend a G5RV (which is very popular around the world), a horizontal loop, or some other multi-band “magic” antenna, along with tiny […]

Occasionally, our customers ask: “What is Iambic Keying?” Iambic keying is an advanced CW skill that takes practice and time to master, but once learned reduces operator fatigue and may allow a modest improvement in sending speed. Iambic keying requires a dual lever paddle such as the Kent Morse TP1-B Twin Paddle Key. One lever […]

There Ain’t No Free Lunch OK. The English is bad but the title says it all. So many hams are looking for that “all band, does everything” HF antenna. On VHF and UHF the “tuning” of an antenna is far less critical than on HF. The wavelengths at 144 MHz and above provide a naturally […]