Prepping and Installing SNS Connectors on F-6 Quad Shield Cable


Parts and tools used:

DXE-6UQ-CTL – Quad Shield 75 ohm Coaxial Cable
CNL-911 – Channellock Cable Cutting Pliers
DXE-CPT-659 – Coax Cable Stripper
DXE-SNS1P6QS-10 – Watertight Snap-N-Seal® Coaxial Connectors (10 per package)
DXE-SNS-CT1 – Compression Tool for Snap-N-Seal® connectors
Xacto style knife

A. Cut the DXE-6UQ-CTL F6 size Quad Shield cable square to the end. Use a CNL-911 cable cutter rather than diagonal cutters, which can compress the coax cable too tight when cutting.


B. Using the CNL-911 Cable Cutter, round the end of the coax cable.

quadshield-2  quadshield-3

C. Using the DXE-CPT-659 Coax Cable Stripper, prep the quad shield coaxial cable. Following the instructions for the tool, place the quad coax cable into the tool with the end flush to the tab. While holding the coaxial cable, rotate the tool around the coax about 5-10 times. When the cutting is complete, you will feel it move more freely. Remove the tool, pull the two parts off of the ends.


Per the specifications for the Snap-N-Seal connectors, the DXE-CPT-659 Coax Stripper Tool will make two cuts on the quad shield cable. 1/4” of center conductor and 1/4” of the coaxial cable jacket will be removed exposing the braid & foil shield.

quadshield-5 quadshield-6


Note: Some people like to have a longer center conductor. The DXE-CPT-659 can be modified by removing the small stop tab, which allows you to insert more coaxial cable, which will result in a longer exposed center conductor.


D. Fold back the outer braided shield onto the black outer jacket (a small stiff bristle brush works good for combing the braid back) as shown. Carefully remove the first layer of foil to expose the second braided shield. Once this foil is removed, fold the braided shield onto the outer jacket as shown. You can leave the bottom layer of foil, or remove it to ensure nothing will migrate and short out the connector.

quadshield-9 quadshield-10 quadshield-11

E. Insert the trimmed coaxial cable into the DXE-SNS1P6QS Snap-N-Seal® connector. Pushing in the cable while having the connector braced against a stop helps while you push in the cable. Push until the center insulation is flush to the inside lip looking in the end of the connector.

quadshield-12 quadshield-13 quadshield-14 quadshield-15

Note, if you modified the DXE-CPT-659 cutter to allow a longer center conductor being exposed, you will have to ensure that when pushing the cable into the connector, you do not bend the center conductor when you are pushing against a brace. (Just a suggestion: Use a 2” x 4” piece of wood with a small hole drilled that will fit the center conductor and place the connector over that hole while pushing on the cable).

6. Fully seat the coax cable with connector into the DXE-SNS-CT1 – Snap-N-Seal Compression Tool and squeeze the handles completely so the tool completely seats the compression ring end into the connector body.

quadshield-16 quadshield-17 quadshield-18 quadshield-19

7. Remove the cable from the compression tool. Done.



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