Building a Flagpole Antenna in an HOA


Many homeowner associations (HOAs) frown on ham radio antennas. So dedicated hams are forced to get creative, often turning landmarks into operable antennas.

John did just that, and shared his project with us this week.

John lives in The Villages, Florida, where more than 350 other hams reside, and 227 are members of the K4VRC ham radio club. He recently completed a custom-built antenna/flagpole project with the help of DX Engineering, and mailed us the following pictures and descriptions of the project.

John included a note that reads: “Tim, K3LR + Mark, W8BBQ: Thanks for time taken to answer my ‘many one last questions.’ Pictures are worth a thousand words and so is DX Engineering!”


“The beginning! This pipe accepts smaller pipe on antenna. When I got my ground rod driven down about 6 foot I could push the remaining 2 feet down with my foot! No wonder Florida has so many sink holes!”


“By using long galvanized pipe can tie everything together for added strength! Plus just stand entire unit up and slide pipe into mating pipe cemented in ground. Used small bolt through both pipes so flag pole can’t turn.”


“Used gray puc (sched 40) – just right size to cut into base of antenna. Used special shims on other side so 3 SS straps tightened up make everything as one.”


“Just another angle. Is this going to work?? How will it look?”


“Beginning to get better feeling as everything might be OK!”


“Continuing higher and ‘thinking ahead,’ or trying.”


“Fabricate as I go. No glue. SS screws. Slits in top pieces so rods slide through.”


“Each section SS screws. No glue. Rods attached. Then cut slits in top piece, which slides down and then screwed.”


“I pledge allegiance. – – – – cq – cq – cq – cq 20 – cq 20 – cq 20. I am very pleased!!! Thanks for guidance.”


“Closer look at top. Gold top has air vents so humidity + heat can rise but no rain can enter. Also note: each section not glued. SS screws. I can get to all sections of antenna. Grooves (slits) cut for rods.”


“Pretty much what finished project looks like. Flag is not at half mast, but as high as I was comfortable with flag so wouldn’t hang up in rods!”


“Large diam. green PVC covers up everything at base with smaller PVC brought out for solar flag light.”


“Weather tight box with lightning arrester inside. Here I drove two 4-foot ground rods down and solid all the way! Phew! I brought ground up through bottom of box for lightning arrester and main ground continues to inside.”


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