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Parts and tools used: DXE-6UQ-CTL – Quad Shield 75 ohm Coaxial Cable CNL-911 – Channellock Cable Cutting Pliers DXE-CPT-659 – Coax Cable Stripper DXE-SNS1P6QS-10 – Watertight Snap-N-Seal® Coaxial Connectors (10 per package) DXE-SNS-CT1 – Compression Tool for Snap-N-Seal® connectors Xacto style knife A. Cut the DXE-6UQ-CTL F6 size Quad Shield cable square to the end. […]

When assembling any aluminum tubing sections together you should take the following steps: 1. Make sure the edges are smooth and not sharp. Deburring may be necessary, since burrs and shavings can occur on seams as well as edges. All surfaces need to be completely smooth to allow easy assembly of tubing sections. DX Engineering’s […]

Many homeowner associations (HOAs) frown on ham radio antennas. So dedicated hams are forced to get creative, often turning landmarks into operable antennas. John did just that, and shared his project with us this week. John lives in The Villages, Florida, where more than 350 other hams reside, and 227 are members of the K4VRC ham […]

It’s Time to Tighten Up! Every six months I go around to every connector and screw terminal in my station and make sure everything is tight. Many noise problems come from connections or connectors that are not properly seated or tight. It is amazing what I find! Now is also a good time to inspect […]

The Icom IC-7300 has a very nice built-in iambic keyer that can be used with a single lever or dual lever (iambic) paddle. While this is a good feature, many “brass pounders” like to use their own external keyer, bug or straight key. Some larger and more expensive radios have separate paddle and key jacks. […]