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Receiving weak stations with very low signal levels on frequencies from below the AM broadcast band up through the shortwaves of HF often requires the use of a specialized antenna system that improve the signal-to-noise ratio (s/n). This is simply explained by the statement: “You cannot understand an S-2 signal level below S-5 noise level.”In […]

Sometimes our tech tips are very detailed. Other times, we try to highlight easy ways Hams can solve problems they frequently encounter. In today’s Ham Radio Tech Tip, brought to you by DX Engineering Technical Writer Tom Parkinson, KB8UUZ, we highlight math conversions. Need a handy chart for converting inches, fractions and millimeters? Check out […]

If you are interested in operating CW but have never hooked up a key or keyer paddle, or if it has been a long time since you’ve done it, here are some helpful facts to know. Many modern transceivers feature a multipurpose stereo, 3-conductor key, or keyer jack. They require the use of a stereo […]