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The Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association (SARA) paid a special visit to DX Engineering’s corporate headquarters in Tallmadge, OH Aug. 27. SARA serves Wayne, Summit and Medina Counties in Ohio, and operates two repeater systems under the W8WKY club callsign. Members of SARA met the DX Engineering team inside Summit Racing Equipment‘s Tallmadge, OH Superstore, where DX Engineering’s […]

Today’s transceivers are so feature-packed that you can lose yourself in menus and manuals. Older, simpler radios like TS-520s, FT-101s, TR-4s and lots of others can still yield a lot of fun for a fraction of the cost of brand new rigs. Outboard wattmeters, ATUs, frequency counters and antenna switches can add tons of flexibility […]

Q. What dimensions do I use for crimp style PL-259 connectors? A. We have a couple of charts that you will find to be very helpful on the types of connectors used with the DXE-UT-KIT-CRIMP. One shows the various dies in detail and has a chart for various types of coax and the connectors to […]

Q: How can I use the 1200 lb Phillystran as a boom strut or mast guy cable and not use those Nicopress crimp things? A: Phillystran is a “professional” product, and as such, they do not provide complete detailed installation documents. They presume you know what you’re doing, or that you’d hire someone who does. That […]

Hamvention has a new home for 2017! Greene County (Ohio) officials today announced that Hamvention 2017 will be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds. The news was first announced by the Xenia Daily Gazette. On July 29 word broke that Hara Arena was closing and Hamvention would officially move. Hamvention had been held at Hara Arena since 1964, […]