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With high quality stainless steel alloys, thread galling and cold-welding can make the hardware seize and fail. Although most hams don’t understand why anti-seize is recommended, it is vital to lubricate all stainless steel nuts and bolts. But don’t just take our word for it. Fastenal® is a major world-supplier of fasteners and associated hardware. […]

HF users really don’t have many coax issues. As long as power levels aren’t breached, just about any feed line will work without much concern. Even DXE-8X coax (Mini 8) can be used for fairly long runs without worries. VHF users have to be a bit more careful. They will typically use the larger, lower-loss […]

Due to their very nature, HF mobile antennas must be physically short compared to their wavelength. In order for them to hear and radiate effectively, they must also be properly matched to the 50 ohm antenna port on your HF rig. The impedance found at the feed point of HF mobile antennas varies all over […]