Dayton Hamvention 2016: Contest University



Hamvention has not yet officially begun, but hundreds of Hams have herded themselves into Dayton already for Contest University 2016.

The event has been sold out for some time, and only standing room remained this morning in the Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom in Dayton, OH, where things kicked off at 7am.

Last night’s activities included CTU registration, a live broadcast of Ham Nation, and a pizza party, which wrapped up around 11pm.

CTU 2016 professors include: Val Hotzfeld, NV9L; Doug Grant, K1DG; Frank Donovan, W3LPL; Ed Muns, W0YK; Rob Sherwood, NC0B; Joel Harrison, W5ZN; Tim Duffy, K3LR; Bob Wilson, N6TV; Tim Jellison, W3YQ; Greg Ordy, W8WWV; Kirk Pickering, K4RO; Andy Blank, N2NT; and H. Ward Silver, N0AX.

DX Engineering, a premier sponsor of Contest University, is on hand at the event and will provide social media coverage during Dayton Hamvention. Stay tuned for more info and coverage from Hamvention 2016, and take a look at our CTU registration and class pictures below:



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