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Many hams find that their HF mobiles receive more noise than they do usable signals. Common noise sources include the ignition system and alternator. Spark plug noise is propagated through ungrounded body panels and the exhaust system, which is normally suspended from rubber vibration dampers. The rubberized supports insulate the exhaust from ground, essentially creating […]

Hamvention 2016 officially began this morning! But before we get into that, we want to share what occurred during a very busy day yesterday. If you followed along, you’ll know Content University 2016 was absolutely packed. After CTU wrapped up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Four Days in May began at the Holiday Inn in […]

Hamvention has not yet officially begun, but hundreds of Hams have herded themselves into Dayton already for Contest University 2016. The event has been sold out for some time, and only standing room remained this morning in the Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom in Dayton, OH, where things kicked off at 7am. Last night’s activities included CTU registration, […]

RF lightning protectors are designed to protect RF equipment by equalizing the potential difference between the center pin of the coax cable and its shield. The majority of RF protectors do not feature indicator lights to show whether or not they are still functioning. Since power is not readily available at some installation points, an […]