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Question: What’s an easy and inexpensive way of improving my mobile radio receiver performance? Most mobile installations, for safety reasons, position the radio out of the way, under the dashboard, on the passenger side of the vehicle, or even under the seat! As result, the mobile radio speaker is often facing down, away, up at […]

Many hams ask why they should bother to add the recommended radial field to their ground-mounted vertical antenna. There are reasons why it’s a good idea. Ground-mounted verticals use the Earth as their counterpoise. The vertical radiator is only half of your resonant or non-resonant vertical antenna. The other half is counterpoise; an imaginary radiator […]

Question: Is it OK to run an amplifier on 120 volts AC? This is a question that many new Amateurs ask themselves when they’re buying their first amplifier. There are many reasons to ponder this, and one of them is: “I’ve already got a 120 volt outlet in the shack, and I don’t want to […]

An RF transmission line short story about open wire feeder, ladder line, twin lead and the window line that we now use. In years past, before the advent of coaxial cable and the need for SWR meters, uninsulated open wire feed lines were built by hams using non-conductive ceramic insulators. These efficient, low-loss RF transmission […]