Have you heard Heard Island?


Have you heard Heard Island?

Big gun or little pistol… Here are 10 tips from DX Engineering to help get VK0EK in your log.

  1. Check the Forecast…Watch the propagation forecast for peak openings. dxa3.org has a map showing the grey line.
  2. Get Schooled…Study the band plan. Learn where they plan to operate. This will give you a good idea of where they will be transmitting and where they will be listening on each band.
  3. Signals, signals everywhere… SPLIT! SPLIT! The Team on Heard Island will always be working split frequency. They will transmit on one frequency, and listen elsewhere. Study the band plan and listen to the operator for instructions on where they are listening.
  4. Listen Lesson…As always; LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. Listen before calling. Try to determine the operator’s patterns and style.  Are you moving around or listening in one spot? Anticipate their next move.
  5. Makes Sense…If you can’t hear them, don’t call them.
  6. Call of the Wild…Give your full call phonetically when trying to break the pile-ups on phone.
  7. Lil’ Pistol…Be patient. Don’t get frustrated….have fun. The team will be on Heard Island and operating until April 10th. Plenty of time for stations of all sizes to get an ATNO (All Time New One) in the log.
  8. Stop and Drop…Don’t Be a DX COP! Do not cause further QRM by yelling “Split”, “Up”, “Lid,” etc. it only makes things worse. Do not tune on the DX frequency or where they are listening.
  9. Transmit, Listen, Repeat…Give your call once and listen. If they are not going back to station throw out your call again. Do not continually call; listen to the timing and pattern of the DX station.
  10. Take a Chance…Your best chance of working rare DX in a pile-up is when the station is working split. Analyze their operating patterns, pick a transmit frequency that gives you a good shot, call – listen – call. Now go log a new one!

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