Avoiding Accidental Static Electricity Damage


When working with circuit boards, particularly with ICs or MOSFET transistors on board, it’s a good idea to keep yourself and the circuit board at the same electrical potential. This is especially important in winter, as static electricity can build up and account for a few hundred to a couple thousand volts. As you’ve probably experienced, touching a light switch, faucet or other grounded source can give you a jolt!

Velleman Anti-Static Mats AS9

Velleman Anti-Static Mats: VEL-AS9

It only takes about 50 volts to damage many advanced semiconductors, like MOSFETs. To avoid accidental static electricity damage, always use an anti-static mat with a wrist strap connected to the mat.

The wrist strap will put you and the mat at the same potential. Placing the circuit board on the mat places it at the same potential. As long as your working surface and your body are at the same electrical potential, then the circuit board will be safe from static damage!


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