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When is an antenna tuner not an antenna tuner? Answer: all the time! “Antenna tuner” is really a bad name for the devices that present a low SWR to our transmitters and amplifiers. In the ’50s and ‘60s they were often, and more correctly, called “transmatches” for transmitter matchers. When used in the shack, an […]

Have you heard Heard Island? Big gun or little pistol… Here are 10 tips from DX Engineering to help get VK0EK in your log. Check the Forecast…Watch the propagation forecast for peak openings. has a map showing the grey line. Get Schooled…Study the band plan. Learn where they plan to operate. This will give […]

SITUATION: The Sound Card interface you just installed (SignaLink, RigExpert, Soundblaster) is not sending digital tones through the transceiver. The natural conclusion you may draw is that the sound card interface or cabling is at fault. First, let’s verify that the software you are using is actually generating tones to transmit. To confirm your software […]

When working with circuit boards, particularly with ICs or MOSFET transistors on board, it’s a good idea to keep yourself and the circuit board at the same electrical potential. This is especially important in winter, as static electricity can build up and account for a few hundred to a couple thousand volts. As you’ve probably […]

The long-anticipated ICOM IC-7300 finally made its debut! The IC-7300 has been discussed around the mill for several months, and ICOM released a video in December of a functioning model in Japan. Like all transceivers, the IC-7300 had to wait for FCC type acceptance in the United States. But that came last week, and ICOM officially announced the IC-7300 […]