Receive-Only Antenna Advantages


Many Amateur Radio operators are discovering the advantages of dedicated receive-only antennas. RX-only antennas usually offer better signal-to-noise ratios than transmit antennas. RX only antennas may also offer special capabilities like phasing, for noise reduction and/or directionality.

DX Engineering RTR-1A Receive Antenna Interfaces DXE-RTR-1AYou don’t need a high-level transceiver to utilize receive-only antenna systems. Devices like DX Engineering RTR-1A antenna interfaces add receive-only capabilities to any transceiver. Entry-level transceivers from any manufacturer of HF equipment can now benefit from a dedicated receive antenna.

Receive-only systems include Beverage types, magnetic loops, short verticals, phased arrays, indoor and outdoor active antennas, receive four squares and many others. In fact, many vastly different receive-only antenna systems are available from numerous manufacturers. For the home-brewer, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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