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Now available at DX Engineering, Ham Radio operators can use Low Band Systems’ Multiplexers to connect multiple radios to a single multi-band antenna, allowing each radio to operate on a different band simultaneously. Not only does that reduce equipment installation hassles, it can save money since there’s no need for extra antennas and coax cable. […]

Q: When should I use a thimble with EHS Guy Wire or Phillystran Guy line Big Grips? A: Whenever a Big Grip is attached to a metal guy bracket or guy anchor, you should always use an appropriately-sized thimble. The thimble serves several important functions: It supplies an extra layer of support, and ensures that […]

DX Engineering will sponsor the 2018 World Radiosport Team Championship in Germany. The Tallmadge, Ohio-based Ham Radio equipment supplier is a Bronze Sponsor of the event, which begins in 884 days. “DX Engineering is proud to help promote and support this fine Amateur Radio Contesting event in Germany,” said DX Engineering COO Tim Duffy, K3LR. DX Engineering will […]

Many Amateur Radio operators are discovering the advantages of dedicated receive-only antennas. RX-only antennas usually offer better signal-to-noise ratios than transmit antennas. RX only antennas may also offer special capabilities like phasing, for noise reduction and/or directionality. You don’t need a high-level transceiver to utilize receive-only antenna systems. Devices like DX Engineering RTR-1A antenna interfaces […]