DX Engineering Now Offers CAIG Industries Products


Station performance isn’t always about having the newest radio or latest antenna design. Regular care and maintenance of your gear plays a key role in operating efficiently. DX Engineering has begun carrying high-quality cleaning sprays and solutions from CAIG, including CAIG’s famous DeoxIT.

CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT Contact Cleaners D5S-6DeoxIT D5 should have a place on any technician’s bench.

  • The unique contact cleaner can rejuvenate electronic gear.
  • It enhances conductivity by dissolving oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • DeoxIt also fills in microscopic gaps and reseals the metal surface for improved electrical continuity.
  • The spray has been proven to reduce arcing, RFI, wear and abrasion.

For gold-plated connectors, DX Engineering recommends CAIG’s DeoxIT Gold G-Series spray.

  • Use it on all your new gear’s critical surfaces.
  • The G-Series spray protects both the surface and base metals.
  • The formula is ideal for preventing dendrite and fretting corrosion.

CAIG recently introduced a Contact Cleaner Wash.

  • It’s an economical solution for cleaning and improving electrical connectivity in switches, relays, contacts and connectors.
    • Contact Cleaner Wash evaporates quickly and is safe for use on plastics.
    • It’s an excellent way to care for your mobile and outdoor installations.

Visit DXEngineering.com to see all the cleaning solutions CAIG offers. And if you haven’t received your new Spring/Summer 2015 DX Engineering catalog, you can sign up to get it for free!


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