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Are you ready for Field Day? DX Engineering can help you stock up on supplies and gear to ensure your club’s event goes off without a hitch. Take some time to peruse your new DX Engineering catalog, and check out these new products to help make your Field Day a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. […]

Station performance isn’t always about having the newest radio or latest antenna design. Regular care and maintenance of your gear plays a key role in operating efficiently. DX Engineering has begun carrying high-quality cleaning sprays and solutions from CAIG, including CAIG’s famous DeoxIT. DeoxIT D5 should have a place on any technician’s bench. The unique […]

Go Kits. Do you have one? Do you know what to put in one? Where would you find the supplies, and how long should you prepare for? Many of those answers will be up to you, but we have assembled a handy guide to make your Go Kit life easier. Be ready for Tornadoes, Foul […]