Tech Tip: Spring Cleaning Style!


If your amateur radio station is like many of ours, it might be a bit messy.

Don’t fret it! The winter is rolling away and warmer weather is coming in. Now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning – Ham Radio style!

While we can’t offer tips on the best air freshener to use, we can definitely point you in the right direction when it comes to organizing your station. Here’s our advice to easily clean up three common Ham Radio nuisances.

Messy Wires:
If you have wires, they’re eventually going to get messy. And the longer you let them go, the more knots they seem to tie themselves into. An easy solution to keeping wires and cables organized and untangled is cable ties. DX Engineering has an assortment of zip ties and other cable ties to help you organize even the messiest of wires.

Organizing Fuses:
Performance Tool Bulk-Bin Storage Racks W5193Fuses, capacitors, resistors, screws and other tiny-but-necessary radio objects are the easiest to lose. But they don’t have to be. We carry several storage cabinets and storage cases to help you organize even the smallest of supplies.

This may sound like an odd one, but anyone who has dealt with monitors and radio screens know they’re subject to finger printing at pretty much all times. DX Engineering might be your Ham Radio supplier, but we can also be your Ham Radio cleaner. Check out our assortment of cleaning solutions and polishing cloths to keep your screens and monitors as clean and clear as your audio.


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