Kenwood Radios Now Available at DX Engineering


Base, handheld and portable high performance Amateur Radio transceivers.

For over 30 years, Kenwood has been a driving force behind Amateur Radio technology. Known for its unwavering devotion to quality, Kenwood offers an array of innovative, high performance transceivers. DX Engineering now carries Kenwood radios, which means operators can enjoy Kenwood performance coupled with DX Engineering’s superior customer support and shipping speed.

Kenwood Amateur Radio DX Engineering

Kenwood Amateur Radio products now available from DX Engineering.

Here is just a small sampling of the latest Kenwood products that can be found at

Kenwood calls the TS-990S its ultimate 200 watt HF+6M contest/DX transceiver—and for good reason. The Kenwood TS-990S achieves the best reception performance of any radio in Kenwood’s legendary TS series. It’s equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on two different bands. The radio incorporates narrow-band high-IP roofing filters, a newly developed mixer circuit, and a built-in antenna tuner to deliver uncompromised performance. Advanced AGC control perfectly fuses analog and digital reception. The TS-990S also features Kenwood’s Sky Command II system for full duplex communications.

Designed for the most demanding DX and contest operators, Kenwood’s TS-590SG high performance HF+6M transceiver boasts highly-reliable transmit outputs to deliver an exceptionally good transmit signal. The 100 watt TS-590SG the best dynamic range in its class versus off-frequency interference. It features a 32-bit floating DSP, a built-in automatic antenna tuner, beat cancel and CW auto tune. USB and serial DB-9 ports make connection to a PC easy. The radio comes with Kenwood’s Control Software and Radio Host Program for VOIP operation.

With ARPS standard, Kenwood’s TM-D710G 2M/70cm radio is an excellent choice for operators looking for a high performance portable digital transceiver. This true dual band radio permits VHF+VHF, UHF+UHF and UHF+VHF operation. The TM-D710G packs 50 watts into a compact unit, and the detachable control head makes it easy to install in a vehicle. The radio’s EchoLink™ functionality and built-in GPS make the TM-D710G an invaluable tool for hilltopping and EMCOMM duty.

See all Kenwood Transceivers and Kenwood audio equipment carried by DX Engineering at


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