Review: Alinco DX-10 10-Meter Transceiver


Have you read the product review in the May 2015 QST Magazine?

It features the Alinco DX 10-Meter Transceiver, which is now available at DX Engineering.

Alinco DX-10 All-Mode 10 Meter Transceivers DX-10

Here’s a clip from the review, written by Bob Allison, WB1GCM:

“Yes, I know the DX-10 looks like a CB transceiver. It has some of the features you would find on a CB radio, such as an echo chamber and roger beep (that are best left turned off), public address feature, and two-digit CHANNEL display. In other parts of the world, identical-looking transceivers with various brand names and model numbers are marketed as Citizen’s Band transceivers.

“Regardless of its looks, make no mistake: The Alinco DX-10 is a 10 meter-only multi-mode transceiver from an established Amateur Radio manufacturer and available through established Amateur Radio dealers. It is one of the few options for an amateur wishing to use 10 meters without the cost of a multiband HF transceiver. I opted to focus on function, not looks.”

View the PDF of the article to read the entire review:

And visit for our entire line of Alinco products!


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