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If your amateur radio station is like many of ours, it might be a bit messy. Don’t fret it! The winter is rolling away and warmer weather is coming in. Now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning – Ham Radio style! While we can’t offer tips on the best air freshener to use, […]

Computer-based radio operations are fun! Completely integrate your station with your computer, starting with THE all-in-one software solution, Ham Radio Deluxe. “HRD” is an advanced, visually appealing program that displays and operates Radio Control, Logbook, Digital Master, Satellite and Rotor Control modules. It covers an incredible range of digital, CW and voice modes. Logging and […]

Base, handheld and portable high performance Amateur Radio transceivers. For over 30 years, Kenwood has been a driving force behind Amateur Radio technology. Known for its unwavering devotion to quality, Kenwood offers an array of innovative, high performance transceivers. DX Engineering now carries Kenwood radios, which means operators can enjoy Kenwood performance coupled with DX […]

DX Engineering is no stranger to major DXpeditions. DX Engineering recently sponsored both the K1N Navassa Island DXpedition and FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition. And now, DX Engineering is doing the same for the 2016 VP8 South Sandwich and South Georgia DXpedition, VP8STI and VP8SGI. Southgate Amateur Radio News featured DX Engineering’s contributions in an article from the VP8 […]

Have you read the product review in the May 2015 QST Magazine? It features the Alinco DX 10-Meter Transceiver, which is now available at DX Engineering. Here’s a clip from the review, written by Bob Allison, WB1GCM: “Yes, I know the DX-10 looks like a CB transceiver. It has some of the features you would […]

High-performance, high-quality Amateur Radio antennas, delivered with unmatched customer support. The legendary Butternut, Skyhawk and Skylark Antennas deliver the best payback in HF performance and operating ease. They’re now manufactured exclusively by DX Engineering, and the antennas are in stock and ready to ship. That means Hams won’t wait long to get on the air. […]

If your weather is anything like Ohio’s lately, thunder storms are in your forecast. It is important that you inspect, upgrade, or replace your ground system. Your precious radio equipment is very sensitive and must be connected to a good low resistance earth ground. Even a nearby static discharge caused by lightning can cause damage. […]