Alinco Radios Now Available at DX Engineering


Alinco Products at DX Engineering

A wide range of equipment options for Amateur Radio operators of any skill level.

For decades, Alinco has been making radios that are packed with features and performance at budget-friendly prices. Now, Ham Radio enthusiasts can get Alinco products for their stations through DX Engineering.

Alinco offers a comprehensive range of handheld, base, and mobile radios that cover the entire Amateur Radio spectrum. These are excellent choices for Hams of any age and skill level, providing the perfect blend of performance, ease of use, and value.

Here are a few radios available right now at

Covering the 160 to 10 meter bands (including 5.3 MHz), the DX-SR8T is an excellent radio for an HF station. It puts out 100 watts in SSB/CW/FM, and 40 watts in AM. QRP operators will love the low and super low power settings. The DX-SR8T also boasts a receive range from 135 kHz to 30 MHz in all modes. The “hybrid” DX-SR9T radio takes all the features of the DX-SR8T, and then adds software-defined features.

The DJ-500T is designed for operators who need a rugged and reliable 5 watt 2M/70cm handheld that’s crammed with features. The radio permits semi-duplex dual-band operation. It includes a Li-Ion battery pack and charger. Multiple scanning modes and a large alphanumeric display make this radio easy to set up and use. Cloning is quick and easy via Alinco’s free software.

Operators looking for a no-compromise VHF/UHF mobile should check out Alinco’s DR-635TV. It covers the 2M/70cm bands with extended receive and cross band capabilities. It packs 50 watts, in 3 power levels and has a built-in duplexer and detachable front control panel to simplify installation. An optional EJ-47U Digital Modulation unit permits digital voice communications.

DX Engineering will also carry all the factory-authorized accessories and upgrade modules to allow your Alinco Radio to operate at it highest potential.

See all the Alinco Radio Products carried by DX Engineering at


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