DX Engineering Now Carries SWR/Wattmeters from Coaxial Dynamics


DX Engineering now carries Coaxial Dynamics SWR/Wattmeters – professional field meters now available for the Amateur Radio enthusiast.

For decades, Coaxial Dynamics has been well known to broadcast engineers, wireless network designers and communications professionals. Now, Amateur Operators can use high-precision Coaxial Dynamics meters in their own station. With a comprehensive line of wattmeters, there are units designed for practically every RF application. Depending on the meter, they can be used to measure peak/forward/reflected power, as well as directional RF power in either dB or Watts.

Coaxial Dynamics RF Peak Reading Wattmeters

Coaxial Dynamics RF Peak Reading Wattmeters at DX Engineering

The meters are shock-mounted in a virtually indestructible case, making them well suited to the field. They meet both the US Navy and Canadian standards for shock and vibration.

Operators can choose from Coaxial Dynamics meters with a traditional analog sweep display, or a large high-visibility LCD screen with LCD Directional RF Wattmeters. They come in multiple connector options and frequency ranges. Meters are also available with multi-range capability, selectable via a large front-panel knob.

DX Engineering also carries additional connector adapters, plug-in elements and other accessories to expand the functionality of the Coaxial Dynamics meters.


DX Engineering


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