DX Engineering Proudly Supports the World Radiosport Team Challenge 2014

WRTC 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship

DX Engineering provided every competing station in the WRTC 2014 its American-made Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

For 24 hours in July, the Amateur Radio community will focus on Westborough, MA as the World Radiosport Team Challenge 2014 gets underway. Dozens of two-person teams hailing from the furthest reaches of the planet will try to rack up as many contacts (QSOs) as possible.

DX Engineering is honored to support such an important competition. The company provided every competing station with its high quality, American-made Coaxial Cable Assemblies. It also is the exclusive dealer for the 2X Arrays TX38, which is The Official Tri-Band Antenna of WRTC 2014. To earn that title, this high performance Yagi antenna had its impressive gain and SWR verified in real-world operation.

2X Arrays TX38 Antenna

2X Arrays TX38 Antennas are the Official Tri-Band Antenna of WRTC 2014. DX Engineering is the exclusive dealer of the Antenna.

The WRTC 2014 committee also relied on DX Engineering’s technical advisors to solve significant problems, including an issue with the off-the-shelf power supplies originally delivered to the competing stations. The supplies generated significant radio frequency interference and proved inadequate for the WRTC competing stations.

DX Engineering worked with the WRTC 2014 Committee to create special power supplies specifically for the event. The custom-made WRTC 2014 Power Supplies will be available to the general public by the fall of 2014. The TX38 Antenna and DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Assemblies are available now.

Learn more about WRTC 2014.

Learn more about the 2X Arrays TX38 Antenna at DX Engineering.

Learn more about DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

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