Now Available: MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer


The MFJ-259C 530 KHz-230 MHz SWR Antenna Analyzer was just released!

The world’s most popular SWR/RF antenna analyzer is now even better, providing two frequency-range knobs for wider control. It includes all the features of the MFJ-259B, but expands frequency coverage to 530 KHz to 230 MHz, compared with 1.8 to 170 MHz for the MFJ-259B. This allows you to analyze 160M antennas in addition to MW (AM broadcast) and other shortwave frequencies.MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer

The battery-powered analyzer combines four basic circuits: a 0.53-230 MHz variable frequency oscillator, a frequency counter, a 50 ohm RF-bridge, and an 8-bit micro-controller. It’s compact (measuring 4x2x6 ¾ inches) and battery-powered, allowing you to take it anywhere—on DXpeditions, to remote sites, up towers, and more.

Use the MFJ-259C for a complete picture of your antenna’s performance, with the ability to test:

  • Antennas – SWR, impedance, reactance, resistance, resonant frequency, and bandwidth)
  • Antenna tuners – SWR, bandwidth, frequency
  • Amplifiers – Input and output matching networks, chokes, suppressors, traps, and components
  • Coaxial transmission lines – SWR, length, velocity factor, approximate Q and loss, resonant frequency, and impedance
  • Filters – SWR, attenuation, and frequency range
  • Matching or tuning stubs – SWR, approximate Q, resonant frequency, bandwidth, impedance
  • Traps – resonant frequency and approximate Q
  • Tunes circuits – Resonante frequency and approximate Q
  • Small capacitors – Value and self-resonant frequency

Get the MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer today from DX Engineering!


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