The Icom 7100 at Hamvention


The Icom 7100 seemed to be one of the most buzzed about items at Hamvention.

And with good reason.

The 7100 (still awaiting FCC approval) is a small, multi-band mobile transceiver with an intuitive touch screen interface. The display is angled to make it easier to read and access from the dash of your vehicle. The optional MBF-1 mobile transceiver suction cup mounting bracket and MBA-1 controller bracket adds another level of ease in vehicle use, with easy tilt and swivel adjustments.

You can operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC through the Internet or your home network with optional RS-BA1 Icom IP Remote Control Software. It has an SD Memory Card slot to make it easy to save your programming data

The Icom 7100 is a multi-band, multi-mode transceiver that gives you multiple modes to fully cover the HF, 50, 144, 430/440 Mhz amateur bands, according to materials from Icom. It provides 100W on HF/50MHz bands, 50W on 144MHz band, and 35W on 430/440MHz bands.

The unit is not yet available, but we’ll have it for you when it is. In the meantime, check out our entire selection of Icom products at

UPDATE: The Icom 7100 is NOW AVAILABLE from DX Engineering. Click to get the ICOM IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Base/Mobile Transceivers IC-7100.

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