Weatherproofing Your Coaxial Cable Connections


Over the years many different methods have been used to weatherproof coaxial cable connections. Some worked, some did not. Once water or condensation enters your coaxial cable, it will ruin it, or worse yet, cause shorting or high SWR conditions which could lead to permanent damage to your transmitter.

One type of coaxial sealing material is a gummy tar like substance that you wrap around the coaxial connection. This gummy substance works pretty well, except when you try to remove it for maintenance or coaxial cable replacement, it can cause further problems. The gummy substance just doesn’t come off cleanly and small bits of it may remain in the threads of PL-259’s or SO-239’s.These small bits of material are mini-insulators, and could cause intermittent operation.

The method described in this DX Engineering Tech-Tip uses a combination of two types of tape which not only protect your coaxial connection, but also allow easy removal for future maintenance.

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