Have you checked the ground connections on your station? Inside and outside as well. Make sure everything is still solidly connected. Double-check anything outside that a critter could chew, step on, or otherwise break.Jet-Lube SS-30 Pure Copper Anti-Seize 12555

Have ground rods? Some soils have been known to corrode ground rods to the point that they disappear. Wiggle them to ensure they still exist under the upper ground level. Is everything tight and clean? Use Jet-Lube SS-30 Pure Copper Anti-Seize, which is the top choice of engineers and technicians in government, industry, and leading Amateur Radio contest stations for protecting mechanical assemblies of aluminum tubing, general hardware, and copper grounding systems!

On bonded metal surfaces Jet-Lube SS-30 assures electrical and RF conductivity while preventing oxidation and corrosion. Surpassing the capabilities of other aluminum anti-oxidants, the wide temperature range of Jet-Lube SS-30 prevents long-term drying and caking, and allows easy disassembly and effortless cleaning of parts.

Do you have the proper parts and hardware for grounding your station? DX Engineering has what you need. Check out the Grounding and Lightning Protection area on our website.

Alinco Products at DX Engineering

A wide range of equipment options for Amateur Radio operators of any skill level.

For decades, Alinco has been making radios that are packed with features and performance at budget-friendly prices. Now, Ham Radio enthusiasts can get Alinco products for their stations through DX Engineering.

Alinco offers a comprehensive range of handheld, base, and mobile radios that cover the entire Amateur Radio spectrum. These are excellent choices for Hams of any age and skill level, providing the perfect blend of performance, ease of use, and value.

Here are a few radios available right now at DXEngineering.com:

Covering the 160 to 10 meter bands (including 5.3 MHz), the DX-SR8T is an excellent radio for an HF station. It puts out 100 watts in SSB/CW/FM, and 40 watts in AM. QRP operators will love the low and super low power settings. The DX-SR8T also boasts a receive range from 135 kHz to 30 MHz in all modes. The “hybrid” DX-SR9T radio takes all the features of the DX-SR8T, and then adds software-defined features.

The DJ-500T is designed for operators who need a rugged and reliable 5 watt 2M/70cm handheld that’s crammed with features. The radio permits semi-duplex dual-band operation. It includes a Li-Ion battery pack and charger. Multiple scanning modes and a large alphanumeric display make this radio easy to set up and use. Cloning is quick and easy via Alinco’s free software.

Operators looking for a no-compromise VHF/UHF mobile should check out Alinco’s DR-635TV. It covers the 2M/70cm bands with extended receive and cross band capabilities. It packs 50 watts, in 3 power levels and has a built-in duplexer and detachable front control panel to simplify installation. An optional EJ-47U Digital Modulation unit permits digital voice communications.

DX Engineering will also carry all the factory-authorized accessories and upgrade modules to allow your Alinco Radio to operate at it highest potential.

See all the Alinco Radio Products carried by DX Engineering at DXEngineering.com: http://www.dxengineering.com/search/brand/alinco

High-quality components from a leader in transmission line technology.

DX Engineering now carries cable and connectors from Times Microwave Systems, a division of the Amphenol family. Times Microwave supplies government and telecommunication organizations with cables of uncompromising quality. That means Amateur Radio operators can now get these same pro-level components for their stations.

Times Microwave Coaxial Cable Prep Tools TK-600-EZ

Times Microwave Coaxial Cable Prep Tools TK-600-EZ

Times Microwave Systems’ line of Low Loss Coaxial Cable is specified by name by operators who demand performance and reliability. The cable features superior shielding and a UV-resistant polyethylene jacket. This makes the cable an excellent choice for both in-shack jumpers and long outdoor antenna runs. Times Microwave has several types of cable, each one available by the foot through DX Engineering.

Additionally, Times Microwave offers an exhaustive line of Coaxial Cable Connectors. Virtually every connector type common to an Amateur Radio station is supported, in both crimp-on and solder-on styles. They come in a variety of configurations as well, from right angle bends to bulkhead barrel connectors.

DX Engineering also carries a wide array of Times Microwave Cable Prep Tools.

See all the Times Microwave Products carried by DX Engineering at DXEngineering.com:

DX Engineering

The first-ever MFJ Day is Saturday, Jan. 10 at the DX Engineering world headquarters in Tallmadge, Ohio!

Now, here’s the thing you need to know about the event: DX Engineering’s Showroom is located inside Summit Racing Equipment’s Tallmadge retail store. That’s awesome for you, because the store is a whopping 25,000 square feet and is loaded with other cool gadgets like car parts, engines, display vehicles, and more!

Another positive: The parking area is HUGE (and parking and admission are FREE for MFJ Day).

While DX Engineering and MFJ Enterprises won’t take over the entire Summit Racing retail store (we want attendees to still experience what has been described as “the ultimate toy store for car lovers”), the amateur radio companies will each have MASSIVE displays normally reserved for events like Hamvention. In addition, you can take a look around the DX Engineering Showroom and take advantage of specials on all MFJ products. Plus, there will be clearance and open box items, door prizes, and a special guest appearance by Martin F. Jue, K5FLU.

One more thing…if you can’t make it, we’re still offering specials on all MFJ-brand products on our website and by phone order, but ONLY this weekend!

Here are a few “behind-the-scenes” pictures of the set-up currently going on for MFJ Day. Check out DX Engineering’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for more, and stay tuned for videos from the event.

DSC_0797 MFJ Enterprises display MFJ Day MFJ Enterprises and DX Engineering Amateur Radio Tools DX Engineering in Summit Racing Martin F. Jue at DX Engineering MFJ Enterprises MFJ Day MFJ Enterprises Display MFJ Enterprises setup in DX Engineering DX Engineering Setup MFJ Day Setting up for MFJ Day MFJ Day Setup DX Engineering Showroom Ohio DX Engineering Showroom in Summit Racing Amateur Radio Equipment DX Engineering DX Engineering Showcase Heil Sound Products at DX Engineering MFJ Day at DX Engineering DX Engineering Ham Radio Showroom DX Engineering Showroom Ham Radio Display at DX Engineering Ham Radio Antennas MFJ Enterprises Truck

High-performance Amateur Radio antennas, now with unmatched customer support.

In a move that will delight Ham Radio enthusiasts, DX Engineering welcomes Bencher’s Skyhawk and Skylark Antennas, plus Butternut Antennas to its exclusive family of brands. For years, Amateur Radio operators have relied on Bencher Antennas and Butternut Antennas for both HF contesting and DXing. Now, the Skyhawk and Skylark antennas, as well as every Butternut antenna model, will be manufactured and sold exclusively by DX Engineering. DX Engineering also carries all the service, repair, and replacement parts required to keep these antennas in good operating condition.

DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antennas DXE-3X10

DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antenna

Two New Additions to the DX Engineering Antenna Line

The DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antenna offers over 7 dB of gain on the 20 and 15 meter bands, plus over 9 dB on the 10 meter band. A trap-free design ensures the best bandwidth possible. The use of aluminum and stainless steel hardware keeps the antenna’s overall weight down to around 75 pounds. The antenna has a 23 foot boom, which results in less strain on the rotator and tower assembly. It is easy to build and tune, and comes with a 2,500 watt balun.

The DX Engineering Skylark Dual-Band Yagi Antenna delivers close to 8 dB of gain on the 17 and 12 meter bands. The antenna also provides an SWR under 1.3 to 1 across each band, plus a front-to-back over 20 dB. It handles up to 5,000 watts (continuous). The Skylark’s simple design eliminates any moving parts, which contributes to all-weather reliability. Aluminum elements and stainless steel hardware also promote corrosion resistance. With a boom length of just 16 feet, the Skylark can handle winds up to 90 mph. A balun is included.

DX Engineering has also acquired Butternut HF Vertical Antennas

Butternut HF Vertical Antennas are easy to install and tune, and they handle 2,000 watts. The 9-Band Vertical covers 80 through 6 meters and stands just 26 feet tall. The 6-Band Vertical covers 80 through 10 meters and is also just 26 feet tall. For exceptional 80 and 40 meter HF performance, the Butternut 2-Band Vertical is an excellent choice. It stands just 32 feet high. Accessory/add-on kits, repair parts, radial systems, and mounting solutions will continue to be available separately.




DX Engineering

DX Engineering is a Major Sponsor of the January 2015 Navassa Island DXpedition, supplying the team with the new JK Antennas Navassa-5 Yagi Antenna—and it is available exclusively at DX Engineering.

JK Antennas Navassa-5 Multi-Band Yagis

In the spirit of the 2015 Navassa Island DXpedition, JK Antennas introduced a new five-band Yagi that packs a lot of performance into a relatively small size. That makes it is an ideal antenna for Amateur Radio operators looking to get active on the most popular HF bands, or Hams that want to upgrade from a tri-band trap antenna.

Based on a collaborative design by Dan Horvat E73M, the Navassa-5 places full-size elements along the same plane to pack 2-element monoband performance into a five-band antenna. Using just a single boom, the Navassa-5 provides impressive gain on the 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meter bands—all through a single run of coax cable. The compact antenna carries a 100 mph wind speed rating along with a mere 19.5 foot maximum turning radius.

More importantly, the antenna’s wide, flat VSWR curve means operators get excellent wideband performance. For additional band coverage, a optional Navassa-5 “Plus” 6 meter add-on kit is also available.

JK Antenna’s Navassa-5 Quick Specs:
Weight: 52 pounds (approx.)
Wind Area: 9.45 square feet
Gain (65′ above ground):

  • 12.6 dBi (10M)
  • 12.4 dBi (12M)
  • 11.8 dBi (15M)
  • 11.8 dBi (17M)
  • 11.4 dBi (20M)

See JK Antennas’ Navassa-5 and 6-meter Yagi add-on kit at DXEngineering.com:

DX Engineering

DX Engineering now carries Coaxial Dynamics SWR/Wattmeters – professional field meters now available for the Amateur Radio enthusiast.

For decades, Coaxial Dynamics has been well known to broadcast engineers, wireless network designers and communications professionals. Now, Amateur Operators can use high-precision Coaxial Dynamics meters in their own station. With a comprehensive line of wattmeters, there are units designed for practically every RF application. Depending on the meter, they can be used to measure peak/forward/reflected power, as well as directional RF power in either dB or Watts.

Coaxial Dynamics RF Peak Reading Wattmeters

Coaxial Dynamics RF Peak Reading Wattmeters at DX Engineering

The meters are shock-mounted in a virtually indestructible case, making them well suited to the field. They meet both the US Navy and Canadian standards for shock and vibration.

Operators can choose from Coaxial Dynamics meters with a traditional analog sweep display, or a large high-visibility LCD screen with LCD Directional RF Wattmeters. They come in multiple connector options and frequency ranges. Meters are also available with multi-range capability, selectable via a large front-panel knob.

DX Engineering also carries additional connector adapters, plug-in elements and other accessories to expand the functionality of the Coaxial Dynamics meters.


DX Engineering


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