Must-have Amateur Radio equipment for DXers and contesters.

ACOM has built a reputation among Amateur Radio operators for its high performance RF power amplifiers. Now, ACOM amplifiers are in stock and ready to ship from DX Engineering.

ACOM 600S Solid State HF/6-Meter Amplifiers 600S

The ACOM 600S Solid State HF/6-Meter Amplifier 600S, now available at DX Engineering.

ACOM’s amplifiers represent the cutting edge of RF amplification technology, offering features and performance typically only found in commercial and government telecommunications systems. DX Engineering offers a wide variety of ACOM products, including these highly acclaimed models.

As the first Amateur Radio HF amplifier to combine fully automatic tuning and sophisticated digital control capabilities, the ACOM 2000A Amplifier is practically tailor-made for DXing. It uses a revolutionary new amplifier design to easily deliver 1,500 watts of clean, noise-free power across the HF bands. Full automatic tuning gives contesters an edge by permitting lightning-quick bandswitching. The 2000A interfaces with radios in the same manner as the 600S.

More than just a pretty face, the ACOM 600S Amplifier delivers 600 watts on the HF and 6 meter bands. It also provides operators with comprehensive remote control capabilities. The amplifier is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive menus and high-resolution color display. Using the amp’s CAT interface, the amplifier will automatically “follow” the transceiver while switching bands. The 600S monitors the input frequency and will automatically switch the bands to compensate for changes. It’s compatible with all transceivers on the market and needs a mere 30 watts of input power to operate.

Packing 1,000 watts on the HF and 6 meter bands, ACOM’s 1000 Amplifier is an extraordinary good value for HF operators. If VSWR stays below 3:1, the 1000 allows for quick bandswitching without the need for a tuner, which lets operators work faster during a contest. Specially mounted relays deliver virtually silent QSK operation.

See all ACOM HF Power Products carried by DX Engineering at

If your amateur radio station is like many of ours, it might be a bit messy.

Don’t fret it! The winter is rolling away and warmer weather is coming in. Now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning – Ham Radio style!

While we can’t offer tips on the best air freshener to use, we can definitely point you in the right direction when it comes to organizing your station. Here’s our advice to easily clean up three common Ham Radio nuisances.

Messy Wires:
If you have wires, they’re eventually going to get messy. And the longer you let them go, the more knots they seem to tie themselves into. An easy solution to keeping wires and cables organized and untangled is cable ties. DX Engineering has an assortment of zip ties and other cable ties to help you organize even the messiest of wires.

Organizing Fuses:
Performance Tool Bulk-Bin Storage Racks W5193Fuses, capacitors, resistors, screws and other tiny-but-necessary radio objects are the easiest to lose. But they don’t have to be. We carry several storage cabinets and storage cases to help you organize even the smallest of supplies.

This may sound like an odd one, but anyone who has dealt with monitors and radio screens know they’re subject to finger printing at pretty much all times. DX Engineering might be your Ham Radio supplier, but we can also be your Ham Radio cleaner. Check out our assortment of cleaning solutions and polishing cloths to keep your screens and monitors as clean and clear as your audio.

Computer-based radio operations are fun!

HRD Software Ham Radio Deluxe HRDCompletely integrate your station with your computer, starting with THE all-in-one software solution, Ham Radio Deluxe. “HRD” is an advanced, visually appealing program that displays and operates Radio Control, Logbook, Digital Master, Satellite and Rotor Control modules. It covers an incredible range of digital, CW and voice modes. Logging and station control with your computer has never been better!

But, how DO you get the rig hooked up to the computer? Most modern interface units connect to the computer simply via the USB port. Pre-made interface cables make all of the transceiver connections for control, AFSK digital modes, keyed CW and FSK RTTY. The innovative RigExpert USB and Wi-Fi interfaces use these specialized cables, and West Mountain Radio interfaces use these cables . Or, choose inexpensive separates; USB to Serial Adapters and USB radio control cables made by RT Systems and digital audio interface and cable combos by Tigertronics.

Check out digital mode computer radio interfacing solutions at DX Engineering!

Base, handheld and portable high performance Amateur Radio transceivers.

For over 30 years, Kenwood has been a driving force behind Amateur Radio technology. Known for its unwavering devotion to quality, Kenwood offers an array of innovative, high performance transceivers. DX Engineering now carries Kenwood radios, which means operators can enjoy Kenwood performance coupled with DX Engineering’s superior customer support and shipping speed.

Kenwood Amateur Radio DX Engineering

Kenwood Amateur Radio products now available from DX Engineering.

Here is just a small sampling of the latest Kenwood products that can be found at

Kenwood calls the TS-990S its ultimate 200 watt HF+6M contest/DX transceiver—and for good reason. The Kenwood TS-990S achieves the best reception performance of any radio in Kenwood’s legendary TS series. It’s equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on two different bands. The radio incorporates narrow-band high-IP roofing filters, a newly developed mixer circuit, and a built-in antenna tuner to deliver uncompromised performance. Advanced AGC control perfectly fuses analog and digital reception. The TS-990S also features Kenwood’s Sky Command II system for full duplex communications.

Designed for the most demanding DX and contest operators, Kenwood’s TS-590SG high performance HF+6M transceiver boasts highly-reliable transmit outputs to deliver an exceptionally good transmit signal. The 100 watt TS-590SG the best dynamic range in its class versus off-frequency interference. It features a 32-bit floating DSP, a built-in automatic antenna tuner, beat cancel and CW auto tune. USB and serial DB-9 ports make connection to a PC easy. The radio comes with Kenwood’s Control Software and Radio Host Program for VOIP operation.

With ARPS standard, Kenwood’s TM-D710G 2M/70cm radio is an excellent choice for operators looking for a high performance portable digital transceiver. This true dual band radio permits VHF+VHF, UHF+UHF and UHF+VHF operation. The TM-D710G packs 50 watts into a compact unit, and the detachable control head makes it easy to install in a vehicle. The radio’s EchoLink™ functionality and built-in GPS make the TM-D710G an invaluable tool for hilltopping and EMCOMM duty.

See all Kenwood Transceivers and Kenwood audio equipment carried by DX Engineering at

DX Engineering is no stranger to major DXpeditions.

DX Engineering recently sponsored both the K1N Navassa Island DXpedition and FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition. And now, DX Engineering is doing the same for the 2016 VP8 South Sandwich and South Georgia DXpedition, VP8STI and VP8SGI.

VP8 South Sandwich South Georgia DXpedition VP8STI VP8SGI

Southgate Amateur Radio News featured DX Engineering’s contributions in an article from the VP8 team this week.

“We are extremely pleased that DX Engineering has become a major equipment sponsor for this Dxpedition,” it says. “This saves the team considerable funds that can be used elsewhere to improve the quality and performance of the Dxpedition team. ‘DX Engineering has always supported us but on this effort they have really stepped up in a big way – this is a real shot in the arm for our team and enables us to perform at higher levels’ said Team Co-Leader David Collingham-K3LP.”

Stay tuned for more information on the VP8 DXpedition, and check out for some of the best products in amateur radio.

Have you read the product review in the May 2015 QST Magazine?

It features the Alinco DX 10-Meter Transceiver, which is now available at DX Engineering.

Alinco DX-10 All-Mode 10 Meter Transceivers DX-10

Here’s a clip from the review, written by Bob Allison, WB1GCM:

“Yes, I know the DX-10 looks like a CB transceiver. It has some of the features you would find on a CB radio, such as an echo chamber and roger beep (that are best left turned off), public address feature, and two-digit CHANNEL display. In other parts of the world, identical-looking transceivers with various brand names and model numbers are marketed as Citizen’s Band transceivers.

“Regardless of its looks, make no mistake: The Alinco DX-10 is a 10 meter-only multi-mode transceiver from an established Amateur Radio manufacturer and available through established Amateur Radio dealers. It is one of the few options for an amateur wishing to use 10 meters without the cost of a multiband HF transceiver. I opted to focus on function, not looks.”

View the PDF of the article to read the entire review:

And visit for our entire line of Alinco products!

High-performance, high-quality Amateur Radio antennas, delivered with unmatched customer support.

The legendary Butternut, Skyhawk and Skylark Antennas deliver the best payback in HF performance and operating ease. They’re now manufactured exclusively by DX Engineering, and the antennas are in stock and ready to ship. That means Hams won’t wait long to get on the air.

DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antennas DXE-3X10

The DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antenna, DXE-3X10

The DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi Antenna offers over 7 dB gain on the 20 and 15 meter bands, plus over 9 dB on the 10 meter band. A trap-free design ensures the best bandwidth possible. The antenna has a 23 foot boom. It is easy to build and tune, and comes with a 2,500 watt feed point choke.

The DX Engineering Skylark Dual-Band Yagi Antenna delivers close to 8 dB gain on the 17 and 12 meter bands. The antenna also provides an SWR under 1.3 to 1 across each band, plus a front-to-back over 20 dB. It handles the legal limit plus. The Skylark’s simple design eliminates any moving parts, which contributes to all-weather reliability. A feed point choke is included.

Efficient and versatile, DX Engineering’s Butternut Multi-Band Vertical Antennas are ideal for operators who want to get on the HF bands but don’t want to put up a large antenna array. Butternut HF Vertical Antennas are easy to install and tune. Two-band, 6-band and 9-band models are available.

DX Engineering has wide array of upgrade and repair parts in stock for all of these antennas.


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