The MFJ-259C 530 KHz-230 MHz SWR Antenna Analyzer was just released!

The world’s most popular SWR/RF antenna analyzer is now even better, providing two frequency-range knobs for wider control. It includes all the features of the MFJ-259B, but expands frequency coverage to 530 KHz to 230 MHz, compared with 1.8 to 170 MHz for the MFJ-259B. This allows you to analyze 160M antennas in addition to MW (AM broadcast) and other shortwave frequencies.MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer

The battery-powered analyzer combines four basic circuits: a 0.53-230 MHz variable frequency oscillator, a frequency counter, a 50 ohm RF-bridge, and an 8-bit micro-controller. It’s compact (measuring 4x2x6 ¾ inches) and battery-powered, allowing you to take it anywhere—on DXpeditions, to remote sites, up towers, and more.

Use the MFJ-259C for a complete picture of your antenna’s performance, with the ability to test:

  • Antennas – SWR, impedance, reactance, resistance, resonant frequency, and bandwidth)
  • Antenna tuners – SWR, bandwidth, frequency
  • Amplifiers – Input and output matching networks, chokes, suppressors, traps, and components
  • Coaxial transmission lines – SWR, length, velocity factor, approximate Q and loss, resonant frequency, and impedance
  • Filters – SWR, attenuation, and frequency range
  • Matching or tuning stubs – SWR, approximate Q, resonant frequency, bandwidth, impedance
  • Traps – resonant frequency and approximate Q
  • Tunes circuits – Resonante frequency and approximate Q
  • Small capacitors – Value and self-resonant frequency

Get the MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer today from DX Engineering!

DX Engineering of Tallmadge, Ohio is now the exclusive source for the Cycle 24 Galvanized Economy Saddle Clamps. The U-bolt clamps are an inexpensive solution for your antenna and tower projects. Their galvanized steel saddles and U-bolts will last for many years in outdoor environments.

Cycle 24 Saddle Clamps

Cycle 24 Galvanized Economy Saddle Clamps now available exclusively at DX Engineering

The clamps feature serrated flange nuts for locking power. Clamps with 3/8 inch diameter U-bolts have unique flat surface at the top of the bolt for improved grip on the tubing. Clamps for 3 and 3.5 inch tubing have saddles that are closed and spot-welded on the ends before galvanizing. This increases clamp strength and longevity.

The Cycle 24 Galvanized Economy Saddle Clamps are available for 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 inch diameter tubing. Clamps with 5/16 inch diameter U-bolts are suitable for plates up to 3/16 inch thick when using saddles, and .250 inch thick plates if saddles are not used. Clamps with 3/8 inch diameter U-bolts will accommodate plates up to 9/16 inch thick.


DX Engineering

For More Information Please Contact: Tim Duffy K3LR,

About DX Engineering
At DX Engineering, Amateur Radio is all we do. Our goal is simple: fulfill the needs of Ham radio enthusiasts with the best products and technical support. Whether it’s DXing, Contesting or just plain everyday operating, we strive to develop products that fill a specific need, products that are reliable, fully tested and represent the best value for your money. DX Engineering also carries the highest-quality products from brands that meet our exacting standards.

DX Engineering of Tallmadge, Ohio recently acquired the assets of Cycle 24 Antenna Products, a web-based retailer of Amateur radio antennas and antenna components.

“Cycle 24 is a great fit with DX Engineering,” explained Tim Duffy K3LR, DX Engineering Chief Marketing Officer. “Both companies have a great reputation in Amateur radio for innovative, high quality products and more importantly, helping radio enthusiasts design and build their own antennas.”

Several Cycle 24-developed products will be available at DX Engineering, including the affordable line of U-Bolt Saddle Clamps and the EA4TX Rotor Controllers.

DX Engineering will also be the exclusive source for the popular 2X Arrays TX38 Yagi Antenna, which has been selected as the Official Triband Antenna of WRTC-2014.

“We welcome all of Cycle 24’s customers to the DX Engineering family,” Duffy continued. “We are sure they will be happy with our selection of the best products available in Amateur radio as well our excellent customer service, large inventory, fast shipping, and free shipping on most orders over $99.”


For More Information Please Contact: Tim Duffy K3LR,

DX Engineering

About DX Engineering

At DX Engineering, Amateur Radio is all we do. Our goal is simple: fulfill the needs of Ham radio enthusiasts with the best products and technical support. Whether it’s DXing, Contesting or just plain everyday operating, we strive to develop products that fill a specific need, products that are reliable, fully tested and represent the best value for your money. DX Engineering also carries the highest-quality products from brands that meet our exacting standards.

The FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition is now QRT.

DX Engineering sent a large amount of equipment on this DXpedition, and recently had the chance to catch up with Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L, about the progress of the voyage.

From Valerie:
They flew from the US to Hong Kong to Perth. Once there, their journey took 9 days via the Braveheart to Amsterdam Island. The French welcomed them on their 1st day with a celebration. Cake, wine, cheese and lobster were some of the items on the menu.

The next morning they got to work, as they had lots of antennas to erect. They had antennas (verticals and beams on towers) at both camps (Metaf & Antonelli) for 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, & 10. They also have a vertical at Antonelli for 160.

The terrain is very difficult. This island used to have cattle. To support them, grass was planted on top of this lava rock terrain. So imagine wild grass growing, chest high in some places. This on top of about 2 feet of dead grass on top of lava rock. This makes it very difficult to navigate, let alone put up towers, guys and feed line. Camp Antonelli is about a 1 & 3/4 hour walk and can only be done in the daylight.

As I’ve been told, they have set up some sort of communication between the 2 camps so each laptop can successfully send a download of all its QSO’s to a master laptop. The master laptop then transmits a complete log to Dean here in the states who deletes and replaces the current Club Log every time; rather than merge today’s logs with the existing logs.

Ft5ZM towers

Hardware is loaded onto the Braveheart in Perth, Australia for the FT5ZM DXpedition.

The temps have been in the 50′s almost every day with some showers bringing the temps down to the mid-to-high 40′s. Most of the guys are doing shifts of 12 on and 12 hours off. There is a small village of houses within 5-10 minutes of Metaf. This is where the 20 or so French scientists live; 18 men and 2 women. They are eating very well; 3 meals a day when they’re not operating and can walk into the small village to enjoy it. Seeing seals and penguins walking around is commonplace. It is said that if you get bit by any of these animals (seals, walrus or penguins), you only have a few minutes to chop off whatever got bit, or else you could die from the bacteria. They have also seen some whales nearby.

Valerie ~ NV9L

The DX Engineering-provided equipment left about seven months ago, was packaged in containers in Australia and had to survive a nine-day boat trip to the island.

It could have easily had issues, but we’re happy to hear that it has been a raging success, helping to propel the success of the entire FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition. More than 3,000 contacts were made on 160 meters, with much credit going to DX Engineering’s Four-Square packages.

Stay tuned for more from the team.

K3LR Fly-over


On last night’s episode of Ham Nation the hosts spent a few minutes discussing the fly-over video filmed at K3LR.

Here’s the official video. What do you think of Tim Duffy’s antenna farm? If you enjoy it, please share this post on your social accounts.


DX Engineering is proud to announce we’ll be LIVE on Ham Nation tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 23) to celebrate the GRAND OPENING of our new retail store! Ham Nation Bob Heil

The show starts at 9pm EDT and is scheduled to run an hour or more. The live segment—broadcast from the new DX Engineering retail store – will run 8-10 minutes.

You can watch Ham Nation live on the Internet by logging into:

Click the “Popout Chat” link below the live stream and login with a default Web ID, or use your call sign. We will be logged in as “DX Engineering.”

Click here for more information on Ham Nation.

We hope you’ll be able to watch the live broadcast of the show. If not, a recorded version will be available soon.

The Icom 7100 seemed to be one of the most buzzed about items at Hamvention.

And with good reason.

The 7100 (still awaiting FCC approval) is a small, multi-band mobile transceiver with an intuitive touch screen interface. The display is angled to make it easier to read and access from the dash of your vehicle. The optional MBF-1 mobile transceiver suction cup mounting bracket and MBA-1 controller bracket adds another level of ease in vehicle use, with easy tilt and swivel adjustments.

You can operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC through the Internet or your home network with optional RS-BA1 Icom IP Remote Control Software. It has an SD Memory Card slot to make it easy to save your programming data

The Icom 7100 is a multi-band, multi-mode transceiver that gives you multiple modes to fully cover the HF, 50, 144, 430/440 Mhz amateur bands, according to materials from Icom. It provides 100W on HF/50MHz bands, 50W on 144MHz band, and 35W on 430/440MHz bands.

The unit is not yet available, but we’ll have it for you when it is. In the meantime, check out our entire selection of Icom products at

UPDATE: The Icom 7100 is NOW AVAILABLE from DX Engineering. Click to get the ICOM IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Base/Mobile Transceivers IC-7100.

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